The doctoral degree (S3) study program of Technical and Vocational Education was established on 15 August 2018 with a decree number 4350/UN40/HK/2014. As the study program runs, it was accredited “B” by BAN-PT (Higher Education National Accreditation Office) with a decree number 3264/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/D/XII/2018.

Development of the study program is a manifestation of caring of SPS UPI to educational issues, particularly in the field of vocational education. Nowadays, studies of technical and vocational education demand conceptual revitalization in epistemological level, learning curriculum, and employees to prepare good quality professionals in a variety of vocational education levels.

The study program has been collaborating with both the industry and stakeholders as an attempt to develop curriculum. Some of which are with Aptekindo and ADGVI, Indonesian associations of lecturers and teachers of vocational education


To become a leading and outstanding study program and to acquire international recognition within the field of technical and vocational education.


  • To conduct a doctoral degree (S3) of technical and vocational education with high quality academic atmosphere, create graduates with good conceptual mastery and broad knowledge, good attitude, and competitiveness both in national and international levels.
  • To conduct good quality applied research in technical and vocational education which orient to national and international publications.
  • To conduct research-based community services in technical and vocational education giving real contributions to the society.
  • To conduct academic programs involving collaborative networks with educational institutions and training centers, research centers, industry of professional associations, and scientific society in either national and international level