Enjang A. Juanda


Full name & title Prof. Dr. Enjang A. Juanda, M.Pd., M.T.            
Date of Birth August 26, 1955
Years with Firm/Entity 39 years

Profil Sinta


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Membership of Professional Societies 1.     IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

2.     Asosiasi Dosen dan Guru Vokasional Indonesia (ADGVI).

3.     Asosiasi Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan Indonesia (APTEKINDO).

Detailed Tasks Assigned 1.     Lecturer in Department of Electrical Engineering Education (Bachelor).

2.     Implementing Tridharma (three pillars) of higher education which includes education, research, and community service.

Key Qualifications He has experiences in research, teaching, consulting and community service.


1.     Doctorate (S3), Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung – Indonesia (2006).

2.     Master’s degree (S2), Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung – Indonesia (2000).

3.     Master’s degree (S2), Master’s degree (S2), Counseling, IKIP Bandung, Bandung – Indonesia (1997).

4.     Bachelor’s degree (S1), Electrical Engineering Education, IKIP Bandung, Bandung – Indonesia (1982).

Employment Record


1.     1981 – present –  Lecturer in Electrical Engineering of Education Program.

2.     2011 – 2014 – Head of Electrical Engineering Program.

Selected publications 1.     2019 – Preliminary Design of Automatic Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System for Antenna and Propagation Laboratory Course (Budi Mulyanti, Enjang A. Juanda, Ade Gafar Abdullah). 5th UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ICTVET 2018).

2.     2019 – Digital Literacy Qualitative Analysis in Vocational Teachers (Sumarto, Enjang A. Juanda, Ade Gafar Abdullah). 1st Vocational Education International Conference (VEIC 2019).

3.     2018 – Implementasi Tes Berpikir Kritis pada Materi Kalor dengan Format Dua Tingkat (Enjang A. Juanda). Pendidikan.

4.     2018 – Constructing secondary students’ critical thinking skill test on heat concept (Enjang A. Juanda). International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

5.     2018 – Pengembangan Computer Supported Creative Thinkingtest (CSCeT-Test) Tahap Validasi (Enjang A. Juanda). SPEKTRA: Jurnal Kajian Pendidikan Sains.

6.     2018 – Implementation of a Raspberry Pi Trainer for the Subject of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers in Vocational High Schools (Enjang A. Juanda). Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan.

7.     2018 – Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna with Collinear Array for LTE Applications (Enjang A. Juanda, Tommi Hariyadi, Arjuni Budi Pantjawati). Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology.

8.     2018 – Design of a Blended Learning Environment Based on Merrill’s Principles (Enjang A. Juanda). Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

9.     2018 – Optimization of Data Communication on Air Control Device Based on Internet of Things with Application of HTTP and MQTT Protocols (Enjang Akhmad Juanda, Iwan Kustiawan). IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. IOP Publishing.

10.  2017 – A Stand-Alone Application Software of Graph Plot for Digital Signal Processing (Arjuni Budi Pantjawati, Budi Mulyanti, Agus Heri Setyabudi, Enjang A Juanda). Pertanika Journal Science & Technology.

11.  2017 – Perancangan Prototype Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Blended Learning Untuk Meningkatkan Proses Pembelajaran (Enjang A Juanda). Seminar Nasional Ilmu Komputer

12.  2017 – Development of Instructional Media DCS using LabVIEW and Arduino Platform for Instructional of Processing Control System (Ade Gafar Abdullah, Enjang A Juanda). Innovation of Vocational Technology Education.

13.  2017 – Software Development Blended Learning Support in the Mathematical Economics Courses (Enjang A Juanda). Innovation of Vocational Technology Education.

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