International Activities

The 2nd Asean Symposium for Science, Engineering, Economic, and Education 2021 and the ASSEEE Organizing Committee

Proceedings and book series publishing collaboration with Taylor & Francis publishers

Join the seminar with JAIST Japan

Collaborative publishing proceedings with Scitepress Portugal

The visiting researcher activity at the Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology

Higher Education Leadership Workshop in Adelaide University Australia

Meeting special issue journal TVET Asia

Discussion on doctor by research with Korea National University of Education

Collaborative publishing proceedings with publisher IOP in Bristol UK

Dual-degree program discussion with GIZ Germany

Joint research with the German OVGU Vocational Education Faculty

Guest Lecture from Prof. Hiroto Takaguchi from Waseda University and Prof. Tetsu Kubota from Hiroshima University

International Research Workshop UTHM Malaysia

RAVTE board Meeting January 2020 RMUTT Thailand


Collaboration between FPTK and Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) Germany, November 2018

Industry Visit in Thailand. Cooperation between RAVTE and China

Explaining the poster in front of the education minister Brunei Darussalam

Collaboration between KVTA College and UPI in 2019

Collaboration conference ISIET UPI RMUTT tahun 2018

Collaboration conference UPI, UTM, RMUTT, National Pintung University Taiwan

Attending the 2019 ASEAN TVET EXPERT FORUM